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The foundation of our design-build business has been built on making dream homes into reality. Our many years in the industry have set us apart as high-quality custom builders of country estate dream homes, inner-city Infill houses, duplexes and summer homes. We have built any shape and size, from 800 traditional cottages sq.ft. to 14,000 sq.ft. luxury contemporary homes. We are often approached by repeat clients, to provide building services based on changes to their lifestyle requirements; whether it be to update, upgrade, expand  or downsize.

There is huge value in the re-imagining of any area of a home for an aesthetic update and improved functionality. We pride ourselves for our ability to make existing space brand new again such as interior remodeling for open concept layouts or room reconfiguration, bathroom and kitchen renovations and basement finishing for maximum effective living space in a home. We are licensed and equipped to take on interior renovations and modernization of existing condo units. We can also convert basements or coach houses into legal secondary dwelling units, including "granny" and "in-law" suites.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough room! Often it makes sense to make improvements to what you have, whether it is merely an expansion with minimal effect on the existing, or the opportunity to completely transform the house as a whole. We have completed projects such as house re-construction to add an additional storey on top of existing homes, substantial one and two storey additions on the rear / side of existing homes as well as sun-rooms, screened-in porches and sun decks. We have also constructed various detached garages to serve residential lots or remote cottages.

Our quality of workmanship is well suited for commercial applications, in combination with careful attention given to value and practicality. We've completed commercial tenant fit-up projects, small office and retail-space renovations, multi-unit residential, small apartment blocks, and mixed-use commercial / residential buildings. We can also perform a fire-retrofit to existing space in order to legally divide suites within a commercial.

We our proud to offer services to homeowners, beyond making improvements to their personal homes. Often, the next improvement is outside the house, including detached garages, accessory structures and dwellings on recreation properties. 



  • Meet our team

  • Determine Function “Wish List”

  • Provide Inspiration

  • Discuss Budgetary Requirements

  • Investigation of Project Cost vs. Value

  • Establish timelines


  • Site Analysis

  • As-Found Measure and layout

  • Preliminary Concepts

  • 1st Client Review of floor plans

  • Elevations and Roofline Development

  • Optional 3D computer modelling

  • 2nd Client Review of elevations

  • Technical / Structural Drawings

  • Submit to Municipality for Building Permit.Interior Design Consultation


  • Detailed Specification / Construction Estimate Review

  • Insurance, Registrations and Safety requirements in place

  • Site Preparation, ie: Demolition / Excavation

  • Air-tight Construction, using Best Practise approach

  • Licensed and Insured Subcontractors

  • Expert finish work on interior and exterior

  • Inspections at various stages of construction

  • Progress Draws, tailored to client financing

  • Client-approved onsite changes as required

  • Material / Fixture selection and installation

  • Direct line of communication with supervisor


  • Proper cleaning / maintenance until turnover

  • Occupancy / Final Inspections

  • Tarion Warranty Pre-Delivery Inspection

  • Discrepancies noted and addressed

  • Summary of Account

  • Premium After care and service work

  • One of our biggest sources of pride is the high-level of after service care that is far beyond any industry standard.

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