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Prospect Builders Ltd. is a family business with a long history of providing quality services. The company was started in 1978 by Lois and Dwayne Palmer; today it is operated by their son, Jeff Palmer, who is taking over the business. Jeff oversees the clients’ needs, the construction sites and the day to day operations.

Our philosophy is that your home is an extension of your lifestyle. Each of our construction projects is completed with exceptional quality, cost efficiency, and environmental responsibility in mind. We have a reputation of providing the latest in energy efficient technology and best practice building techniques. Our innovative design team provides both conceptual and construction drawings tailored to each clients’ vision and needs.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality services; whether it be in the construction of a custom-built home, renovations or additions to an existing home. As a family run business, we value the importance of outstanding quality and dependability which is evident in the relationships with our clients, employees, sub-contractors and the community.

We are proud of our long record with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program (TARION). Prospect Builders is among the first 1,000 builders in Ontario to be a registered with this program. We have maintained a clean record for the past 34 years of excellent standing, free from conciliations and delayed closings.


Our Team
Our Process



  • Meet our team

  • Determine Function “Wish List”

  • Provide Inspiration

  • Discuss Budgetary Requirements

  • Investigation of Project Cost vs. Value

  • Establish timelines


  • Site Analysis

  • As-Found Measure and layout

  • Preliminary Concepts

  • 1st Client Review of floor plans

  • Elevations and Roofline Development

  • Optional 3D computer modelling

  • 2nd Client Review of elevations

  • Technical / Structural Drawings

  • Submit to Municipality for Building Permit.

  • Interior Design Consultation


  • Detailed Specification / Construction Estimate Review

  • Insurance, Registrations and Safety requirements in place

  • Site Preparation, ie: Demolition / Excavation

  • Air-tight Construction, using Best Practise approach

  • Licensed and Insured Subcontractors

  • Expert finish work on interior and exterior

  • Inspections at various stages of construction

  • Progress Draws, tailored to client financing

  • Client-approved onsite changes as required

  • Material / Fixture selection and installation

  • Direct line of communication with site supervisor


  • Proper cleaning / maintenance until turnover

  • Occupancy / Final Inspections

  • Tarion Warranty Pre-Delivery Inspection

  • Discrepancies noted and addressed

  • Summary of Account

  • Premium After care and service work

*  One of our biggest sources of pride is the high-level of after service care that is far beyond any industry standard.

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